10 Things I’ve Done to Firm Up My Financial Future

I haven’t posted in a bit. 

There’s a reason.

 I’ve been a busy boy.

Here’s what I’ve done in the past month to advance my financial objectives:

1. I hired a financial advisor who abides by the fiduciary standard. It’s already paying off. You don’t know what you don’t know.

2. I set up a 529 plan for my infant daughter and started aggressively funding it. I’ll use this as a tax shelter, too.

3. I set up a whole life insurance policy for my daughter that will build value over time and give her a net-worth boost later in life.

4. I purchased additional life insurance for me and my wife—both whole and term. We will draw upon the whole life insurance policies when we retire to decrease our tax burden.

5. I purchased additional disability coverage for me and my wife so that 100 percent of our salaries would be covered should either of us become disabled.

6. I set up a Roth IRA account for my wife. Best to put money into Roth accounts since taxes will almost certainly be higher in the future.

7. I diversified our investment portfolio by purchasing crypto (an inflation hedge) and gaining some exposure to real estate and commodities. I’m now truly diversified.

8. I moved a big chunk of money to Ally to take advantage of a higher interest rate. Approximately 85% of our net worth is now “working” for us.

9. I upped my cash-back game by installing the GetUpside app.

10. I started taking full advantage of a Buy Nothing group in my neighborhood.


Frugal Tip: Ally has a savings account with an interest rate 10 times the national average. Just saying.

I also do a lot of squats.

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