Pass Go and Collect $307

In addition to winning $307 playing Jewel-Osco’s Monopoly promotion, I also won the following 560-plus items. I’ll never have to buy floss again!

Here’s my secret: I love yogurt, so I just wait for the Yoplait single-serve cups to go on sale (50 cents or below) and get a bunch. You get a Monopoly ticket for each cup. Then it just starts to snowball. When you redeem a free item, you get another ticket. On and on it goes. 

Note: Lots of these items (e.g., the nail clippers and French bread) were donated to friends, food pantries, and shelters. 

Flavored water x30
Vinegar x13
French bread x34
Nail clippers x36
Dental floss x16
Lemon juice x11
Bottled Water x130
Taco seasoning x13
Pasta x13
Bread crumbs x8
Canned tomatoes x3
Hand soap x7
Animal cookies x18
Vitamin water x5
Cheese platter
Lip balm x9
Greek yogurt x20
Just Crack an Egg x2
Sour cream x25
Salad x9
Facial tissue x11
King-size candy bar x2
Water crackers x9
Trail mix x3
Canned fruit x2
Sparkling water x6
Aluminum foil x3
Sandwich bags x2
Ritz crackers x5
Kinder candy x2
Barbecue sauce x3
Soda x14
Razors x14
Salad dressing x8
8-Count Ritz Sandwich Crackers x3
Pop Tarts x2
Macaroni salad x2
Hamburger buns x13
Hot dog buns x3
M&Ms x2
Snapple x2
Ice cream x4
Bai water
Frito-Lay multipack 
Baby food
Mac and cheese x3
RX Bar
Cream cheese x4
Peanut butter
Belvita bars
Coke Energy x4
Pasta sauce 
Sponges x2
Smartwater x3
Air Wick refill
Cake mix 
Cooking spray x4
Potato salad 
Coffee creamer
Strawberry preserves
Granola bars
Core water
Atkins bars

Frugal Tip: Jewel assumes I’ll buy other products when redeeming my winnings. Nope, I only get my free stuff. No shame!

This is a work of art.

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