Frugality as Defiance

The cost of living is skyrocketing. Wages are stagnant. What’s a laborer to do? How about we get a little pissed off and stop buoying this broken system? Let’s fight back. Let’s stop spending so much. It’s time to get ours by getting frugal!

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The Vasectomy Appeal

When deciding whether to get a vasectomy, one must first acknowledge new political realities and that it now costs an average of $310,605 to feed, house and otherwise care for a child to age 17. So says the Brookings Institution. Notice how the stat stops before 18? College, right? Now you’re at half a millionContinue reading “The Vasectomy Appeal”

You Don’t Have to Get Absolutely Clobbered by Inflation

A lot of what I write about in this blog is common sense. That’s painfully true for this post. Ready? Avoid things that are severely impacted by inflation. I know, some things are unavoidable: rising rents, rising healthcare premiums, rising childcare costs, rising education costs, etc. But no one is forcing you to buy chickenContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Get Absolutely Clobbered by Inflation”

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