Using Free Apps to Make That Paper

None of the below apps are going to make or save you tons of money. But in the aggregate, they can lead to something meaningful, especially if you invest properly.

Warning: Use all of these apps VERY selectively. Don’t go out of your way to spend money just to get a little cash back. That’s what they’re hoping you do. Be their worst nightmare instead!

Jewel-Osco Monopoly App

It’s that time of the year! Monopoly is back! Here’s how I get tons of free stuff. I look for something I actually eat that gets you a bonus ticket. For me, this is a single-serve cup of Yoplait Yogurt. I wait for them to go on sale and buy a bunch. I get a handful of tickets and win tokens that can be used to get Jewel-Osco gift cards. I then use these gift cards to get more yogurt or a comparable low-cost, bonus ticket item that I actually use/eat. Then I repeat. I’ve spent next to nothing and won about $35 worth of gift cards and about 30 free products.

Receipt Hog

I upload receipts and get points I can use to get free gift cards.


This app gives you points for just walking into stores and scanning items. No purchase required. I use the points to get gift cards.


If you buy certain products, you get cash back. I’ve made almost $300 off this in a year. I basically wait for items in the app to hit the clearance rack. They also have free product giveaways. Just upload your receipt and earn.


If I shop at certain places, I get points for gift cards.


If I shop at certain places, I get cash back.


If I shop at certain places, I get cash back.


I take surveys and upload receipts for money. I’ve made hundreds of dollars in the past year.


Yes, I’m talking about the search engine. If you search with Bing, you can get points for gift cards.


I upload receipts and get points for gift cards.


I tied this app to my grocery-store loyalty accounts. I get automatic cash back right when I make a purchase.


Whenever I get cash back from the above apps, I invest it in a diversified portfolio provided by Acorns.

I shared my list! What do you use? Help me out here!

Frugal Tip: Ask your friends and family to save thier receipts for you! Then turn them into cash money!

You can use your phone for more things than looking up pictures of Diane Lane.

One thought on “Using Free Apps to Make That Paper

  1. Several times I’ve started to enroll in a few of the websites you mentioned (ibotta, etc,) but decided against it for privacy reasons. I don’t want these companies knowing so much about my household spending. How do you personally reconcile those opposing core values: saving money vs. privacy?


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