YOLO and the Spending Fallacy

When I tell people I’m frugal, most express mystification and feel compelled to share some fortune-cookie wisdom with me: “You only live once, bro.”

For our purposes, let’s assume that’s true. (Way to totally discount reincarnation.) I only live once. You only live once. But why does it follow that you have to be a spendthrift?

When I look back at my life, my moments of pure, unadulterated joy are almost completely removed from the expenditure of money. I don’t remember what presents I got for my tenth birthday. I do remember the slumber party I had with my buddies. We built a blanket fort and watched scary movies.

My first kiss. Hearing Born to Run for the first time. Building a makeshift raft like I was Huck Finn. The moments of my life, almost entirely removed from consumerism.

If anything, spending lots of money to manufacture memories has largely proved futile. I’ve spent stupid sums on trips, but my fondest memories involve camping in my backyard.

Anyway, just something to think about before you lease that Land Rover.

Frugal Tip: Your newborn might not fully appreciate a trip to Europe. How about a day trip to a state park?

It’s not Hammer time.

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