Ditch That Money Pit on Wheels

That’s right!

Grab those sneakers from the basement! Pull out that ten-speed! Reacquaint yourself with the grandeur of public transportation!

Better yet: sell that money pit on wheels. It costs you 56 cents per mile when you drive it. The gas! The wear and tear! The horror!

Car insurance sucks. Red-light tickets suck. Deductibles suck when a drunk Cubs fan sideswipes your car on the highway. License and registration fees suck. Buying tires sucks. Parallel parking sucks.

Not to mention that your car is a terrible investment. It just sits there like a sad sack depreciating. The whole thing is a damn racket!

I can actually hear you groaning. You need your car! You have to have your car! For some, this is undoubtedly true. You have to get to work and pot dispensaries somehow. But would you at least consider using it less? I hate to see you setting your hard-earned cash on fire.

Frugal Tip: If a destination is within two miles, always walk. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll save over time.

Yes, your car could also be possessed.

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