Living in the Ruins

Why a blog? Why not a diary instead? One preferably kept under lock and key.

The answer is you.

I need you to know you’re not crazy. There’s a reason you’re burned out, exhausted, and shell-shocked.

And it has nothing to do with you as a person.

It’s not some inherent character flaw. You’re not a whiner. You’re not weak. No, you just happen to be living in a post-industrial hellscape.

It’s so important you recognize this: You’re not crazy. The system is crazy.

These are the facts. If you’re a typical American, you’re being asked to work longer hours for less. You most likely will not receive a pension. Your benefits are being slowly stripped away and those that remain are becoming prohibitively expensive (see: health insurance). Technology has blurred work-life boundaries. Living costs are soaring. Your job is less secure than it’s ever been. Unions are being crushed.

It’s a wonder you’re even standing.

But all is not hopeless. You’re not alone, and we can fight back.

We can choose to live simpler instead of fruitlessly chasing a mirage created by marketers and profiteers.

We can rethink how we live our lives and start placing more value on the intangibles. We can travel light, weaning ourselves off a system that depletes our very essence.

Call it frugality. Call it minimalism. Call it whatever you like but embrace it. It could very well be your ticket to freedom.

Frugal Tip: The next time you grocery shop, try purchasing only clearance items. Then create a week’s worth of meals around those items. I do it all the time! You just need to get creative.

In hell, they only have continental breakfast.

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