I Hate Vending Machines

I’ve spent a good deal of time exploring the “philosophical” underpinnings of frugality, but this post is more of a plea.

Stop using vending machines.

No, this is not a joke. Vending machines are a tool of the devil. (I can be hyperbolic if I want! This is my blog!)

Each time you use a vending machine, you are getting ripped off to high heavens. Do you have any idea how much you’re paying for a fluid ounce of soda? How about what you’re paying per chip? Well, it’s ridiculous, and I beseech you to stop. If you must drink soda and eat chips, buy them in bulk when they’re on a ridiculous sale (being mindful of expiration dates, of course).

While I’m at it, stop buying batteries in packs of four. You know batteries have a long shelf life. You know you’re going to use batteries until you die. Buy them in big packages. Buy the store brand if possible. Better yet, get rechargeable batteries.

The list goes on and on: stop buying the small bottle of toothpaste or the small bottle of mouthwash or the single stick of deodorant. You’re murdering your wallet. Always look at the price per count on the price tag.

God speed.

Frugal Tip: Always look for clearance items in the grocery store that you can combine with manufacturer coupons and cash-back deals on apps like Ibotta. I just got seven six-packs of Boost for thirty cents apiece.

Still not this guy’s worst Wednesday.

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