My Financial Lens: Pricing a Pooch

I can’t help myself. I price out everything. 

Looking to get a new dog? That’ll cost approximately $36,000 over the pooch’s lifespan.

Mr. Money Bags.

Starting a family? Each child will cost approximately $500,000 to raise. 

I don’t just see a pool or a hot tub. I see the entire lifetime of affiliated costs. 

It’s just how my brain operates…for better or worse.

This mindset is undoubtably a hallmark of my frugality. It allows me to make more informed purchases and investments. 

But at what cost? You might rightfully be wondering if this is any way to live? Sitting there throwing a price tag on the intimate and non-intimate alike? 

Well, regardless of efficacy, this is how I roll.

Do you think this mindset could help you when we’re experiencing the highest level of inflation since 1981?

In other words, am I going about this the right way or am I a destroyer of fun?

Frugal Tip: Sign up for every cash-back app you can. Even if you don’t use them, apps like Fetch will throw you a few free dollars a month to keep you regularly scanning receipts.

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