The “Something’s Got to Give” Argument

I’ve noted several times in this blog that sending your kid to a four-year public university in 18 years will cost more than $200,000.

Folks remain incredulous.

Nothing has to give.

“No,” they say. “Costs will stop going up at some point.”

“Why?” I always ask.

“Well, they just have to. Something’s got to give or no one will be able to afford college”

Talk about wishful thinking.

Just yesterday, President Biden said that he is willing to drop two free years of community college from his domestic policy bill.

In other words, with a Democratic President and Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, this country cannot even pass legislation including two free years of community college. And this is with Democrats using the reconciliation process to avoid a Republican filibuster in the Senate.

What makes you think they’ll have the political will power to freeze costs in the future?

The affordability crisis—which includes pretty much everything at this point—continues unabated.

Other items that will likely get axed from President Biden’s bill include 12 weeks of paid leave (at two-thirds of one’s salary), universal kindergarten, and meaningful and long-term financial assistance for families with children.

Simply put, you’re on your own in this country and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Save everything you can.

Frugal Tip: Make sure to always check the change dispensers at self-checkout kiosks. You’ll need those quarters to send your kid to college.

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