Who the Hell Turns Down $52,000?

I’m full of shit.

I present myself to the world as Mr. Frugal, but I actually spend $52,000 a year on peace of mind.

That’s the difference between my white-collar salary and my blue-collar salary.

To be fair, it’s more than peace of mind. It’s options. It’s flexibility. It’s headspace. It’s presence.

After I clock out, I’m free to fully husband and father, to create, to explore, to be a good citizen.

I found all this nearly impossible when I was laboring around the clock.

And ceaseless labor for what? For what? To buy a bigger house? A nicer car? Designer jeans? Maybe to impress? Maybe vanity? To keep up with the Joneses?

I woke up one day in 2017 and realized I didn’t give a shit about any of those things.

I wanted to live my life, to watch the seasons change, to invest myself fully in the people and passions that give my life actual meaning.

This is exactly what frugality made possible.

I could afford to make $52,000 less and still pay my bills, provide for my loved ones, and save for the future.

Did you know you could join me?

Frugal Tip: Even if you have a 20%-off coupon, you could still save 100% by not spending anything.

On to the business of living life.

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