Ten Reasons to Go Frugal

I’ve sure talked a lot about how to go frugal, but the why is just as important.

Here’s ten reasons to jettison those spendthrift ways.

1. Wouldn’t be Nice to Actually Retire One Day?

Ceaseless labor is highly overrated. That’s why Hercules put a cap on his heroic feats.

My wife and I have a dream: We want to live by a beautiful body of water, travel the world and read as many books as possible. Tough to do when you’re grinding it out under the auspices of the man.

By the most conservative of estimates, we are on track to retire at age 65 with just shy of $6 million. This estimate, based on a very conservative rate of return, assumes neither of us will receive social security.

2. Why Buttress a Broken System?

The cost of living continues to outstrip the barely perceptible rise in wages, even though worker productivity has soared in the past 50 years. Corporations have run amok, paring back benefits (if they even offer them) while asking employees to work longer and harder. Something is fundamentally wrong here.

That’s why I have no intention of giving a penny more than necessary to this unjust and broken system. I refuse to line its pockets.

3. Frugality is a Gateway to Freedom

The machine loves when you spend with abandon. It knows you’re infinitely more exploitable when you’re saddled with debt and living paycheck to paycheck (which is what the vast majority of Americans do).

Go from no options to empowered. Take the reins and give yourself the means to remove yourself from toxic work environments.

4. Frugality Might Just Save The Environment

Going frugal goes hand-in-hand with slashing your carbon footprint. Save big bucks while driving less and cutting electrical, gas, and water usage. Mother Earth will thank you.

5. Frugality Improves Your Physical Health and Will Almost Certainly Increase Your Life Expectancy

You’re frugal now, which means you’re walking everywhere and not eating out as much. This is a recipe for overall weight loss and muscle gain. When I went frugal in earnest, I packed on eight pounds of muscle while lowering my overall weight by 30 pounds. I’m also sleeping better (no more work-induced night terrors since frugality enabled me to leave white-collar hell).

6. Frugality Reconnects You with the Natural Beauty of This World and Life’s Simple Pleasures

You’re walking everywhere now. You start to pay more attention to the rustling of the leaves and the passage of the seasons. Instead of spending $200 at a noisy restaurant, you and your family are preparing a tasty and nutritious meal at home. You go on a hike instead of shelling out ungodly amounts of money at AMC. There is peace and solace in frugality.

7. Frugality and Charity Are Compadres

You forgo that $4,000 T.V. and redirect a percentage of the saved sum to a worthy charity of your choosing. You’re looking for fun and free activities, so you start volunteering at the local animal shelter.

8. Going Frugal Improves Your Intellect

The library is free. Enough said.

9. The Frugal Fraternity is Amazing

When you go frugal, you’re entering a community of some pretty amazing folks. You tend to help each other out and have your own unique lingo. Also, there’s absolutely no hazing.

10. It’s a Fun Challenge

Frugality is like one big puzzle: there is joy to be found in putting the pieces together. If I walk to the grocery store and use this coupon in combination with that sale, how much will a fluid ounce of pump soap cost me? (Yes, I truly get a kick out of this.)

I can tell you’re totally convinced now. Welcome to the frugal brigade.

Frugal Tip: Don’t skimp on car maintenance and dental hygiene. That’ll come back to bite you in the ass.

No caption needed.

4 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Go Frugal

  1. Ryan, these three blogs remind me of the long ago book, The Wealthy Barber. Never been more that a barber, but retired wealthy. Every month, when he paid his bills, he paid himself, too.

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