My Middle-Finger Fund

Do you have a middle-finger fund?

This is a reserve fund you can fall back on when your work environment is so toxic and unsustainable that you feel like your soul is being crushed in a vise.

Maybe you call it by a different name? Maybe you call it your I-don’t-need-to-put-up-with-this-shit fund?

Maybe you’re plain vanilla and just call it an emergency fund? (Snooze!)

Whatever you call it, it’s essential.

It’s your get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s your ticket to freedom. It could be your salvation.

See, employers know they can treat most of their workers terribly. They’re acutely aware that the average worker has few if any options.

They have two kids. They have a big mortgage. They have two car loans. They have credit card debt. They have ridiculous medical premiums. They want to take fancy vacations and send their kids to private liberal arts colleges. They have a high standard of living they’re desperate to keep. They’ve been brainwashed into believing that material goods are their life blood.

In other words, they’ve got most folks’ number. They’ve got them backed into a corner. They say, “Jump!” You say, “How high?”

But not me. Frugality has allowed me to build up a sizable middle-finger fund. It’s why I’ve been able to leave a terrible work situation without having something else lined up. It’s why I can be selective about where I apply so I don’t end up with an ungodly commute again. It’s what’s allowed me to say no to promotions (billed as a super amazing opportunity that demonstrates our belief in you but also requires you to work 20 extra hours a week, thereby canceling out any pay bump!).

If nothing else, it’s peace of mind. Just knowing I can walk at any moment is liberating.

Do you have a middle-finger fund? If not, I encourage you to start provisioning for one. Your soul will thank you.

Frugal Tip: You don’t need paper towels. Just use rags.

Bye, Felicia!

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