Suck It, Macy’s

Your days of being a spendthrift are over! You’re ready to leave the dark side and join the frugal rebel resistance. Fantastic!

But like all worthwhile change, this isn’t going to be easy. A helpful first step is identifying what truly matters to you in life.

To this end, I drew up a seven-part life mission statement. It’s a living document that lays out my priorities and aspirations as a human being, and it evolves as I go down the winding path of life. Here it is:

1. I will meaningfully engage those around me in a positive and healthy manner, especially my wife, daughter, family, and friends. I will work to nurture and grow my relationships.

2. I will strive to improve my intellect, with a strong emphasis on higher-order thinking that acknowledges complexity.

3. I will integrate spirituality and transcendence into my daily existence.

4. I will treat my body with respect.

5. I will make sound financial decisions that emphasize long-term security.

6. I will strive to be charitable and share the blessings of my life.

7. I will actively temper my worst impulses (i.e., greed, envy, pride, etc.).

There it is!

You’ll notice that nowhere on that list is eating tremendous amounts of shit from the man. There’s also no mention of owning jet skis, snowmobiles, palatial houses, or a Land Rover. In fact, I can accomplish everything on that list whether I’m a landscaper or a doctor, a waiter or an oil tycoon.

Have you considered drafting a life mission statement? What do you value and hold dear in this world?

If you already have a life mission statement, care to share?

The machine wants you to think your raison d’être is paying a 3,000% markup for a pair of jeans at Macy’s.

It’s not.

Frugal Tip: You’re heating something up in the oven, and the cooking directions call for pre-heating. Place your item(s) in the oven during the pre-heat. Waste not!

I don’t know. A Land Rover sounds pretty nice.

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